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*Gioia means joy in the Italian language and is pronounced jo-ya.

Via Gioia Paris creates since 2017 exceptional rhythmic ballet flats.


With their minimalist shapes inspired by the rhythmics of our childhood, their delicate details and fabrics, our footwear will follow you everyday offering you comfort while you walk happily around the streets of the city.


Made in France: our models are designed in Paris and all manufactured by our factory in France.


No leather: leather is deliberately not used in the manufacturing of our ballet flats. We want to show that it is possible to create a beautiful and qualitative product by limiting the use of animal resources as it leads to abuses and suffering and a negative impact on the environment because of intensive farming.

There are various alternatives: for example, for some of our ballet flats, we use a soft fabric insole made of organic cotton/hemp, naturally provided with antibacterial and breathable properties.


Materials and finishes: We give a high attention on the manufacturing and the finish of our ballet flats which confers a chic and refined look. The materials are mainly manufactured in France by Maisons selected for the excellence of their know-how. Equally as qualitative as the finest leather, our materials often require extra care on their handling and involve a complete handmade production process.


An experience for your senses: we give a great attention to the details of our creations to please your senses and take you into the dreamlike universe of the brand by seducing your eyes and conquer your sense of touch and smell. You will note for instance a subtle perfume on the soles of our ballet flats, which will bring you back to childhood scents. 

New: our Maison is committed to offer an ethical and sustainable fashion.

From Fall 2019, Via Gioia Paris has started the upcycling of its beautiful fabrics by offering ready-to-wear and accessories capsule collection.  We find an ideal everyday wardrobe with simple, structured and chic lines using the codes of our iconic ballet flats.

Our Maison always favors short circuit: our fabrics are mainly made in France, our buttons are selected on the Vintage market while our collection pieces are designed and made in Paris.

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