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Care instructions

All our products are made from delicate and high quality materials. They have to be treated with care and not be machine washed.


100% cotton fabrics: most of our uncoated 100% cotton fabrics are water repellent. To clean them, you can use a free-lint cloth, slightly wet and very gently rub any stains. To keep the shininess of the cotton fabrics and remove the dust, we advise to use a soft bristle brush which will allow them to dust off. We recommend avoiding repeated and extended contactwith different colours to avoid colour transfer.


Exceptional textile materials: tweeds, woven fabrics, velvet, coated fabrics, fabrics with projections, etc. ... We are committed to give you an original choice, unique to our universe which implies selection of exceptional materials. 

Therefore, we do not recommend brushing them even with a soft bristle brush. To clean any stains, you can very gently wipe a free-lint cloth slightly wet and rub very gently. In addition, we recommend avoiding prolonged contact and repeated rubbing with abrasive materials as well as extended and repeated contact with different colours to avoid colour transfer.


Insole and lining: the insoles are in organic cotton (45%) and hemp (55%) or microfiber. The lining is in 100% cotton. To clean them, you can use a wet baby wipe. Let it dry for one night. 


The soles: to clean your soles, you can use a slightly wet sponge with soap. Be careful to not touch the upper part of your ballerinas.

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